We would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all athletes to join us for our

3rd Annual Sierra Gold Track and Field Festival 2018


As we prepare for our third year, we are always cognizant of two things: To treat our festival as more than a track meet, but truly an event and also to offer the highest quality experience for all of our athletes. 

We will continue to offer unique awards (gold plated silver dollars and world-class medals). 

Additionally, we are a unique event because no other meet offers prize money for world records ($1,000) and American records ($500).  Last year we had 4 American records and a world record set at our festival.
All athletes from beginners to world-class are treated with warmth and respect from our entire community.

Although in the past we have primarily been a masters meet, this year at the behest of USATF we will also include open athletes (16-29). 

Masters athletes will still compete against other masters athletes.  Open athletes will compete against other open athletes.  We are becoming more inclusive as we are essentially putting on two separate meets. 
We believe that it is essential to our sport to include athletes of all ages since there are not many track meets that are offered to everyone.  

Please join us on June 16th, 2018!